In 1912 a young man by the name of Arthur Murray, developed a love for partner dancing and from that passion took the craft from being reserved only for those with the skill and expertise to being available/teachable to anyone who wants to experience the social, physical, and emotional benefits of ballroom dance.

Murray embraced new and innovative ways to reach people.  Along with teaching lessons in Eastern cities, he also sent dance lessons through the mail.  Imagine receiving your dance lessons by mail!  During the 1920’s, the use of radio allowed Murray to air live dance parties to his students.  His innovation did not stop there!  With TV he aired “The Arthur Murray Dance Party,” which aired for 10 years due to it’s enormous popularity.

In 1925 he married Kathryn and together they opened their first studio.

All the while Murray continued to use the studio to teach students in person.  He franchised the business in the 1930’s and by 1946 the franchise expanded to 72 studios.

Today the franchise is run by a team of experts, who all started out as dance instructors.   Two hundred sixty studios worldwide provide excellent customer service and fun dance instruction in a social atmosphere.


The studio continues to offer instruction 6 days a week, including private lessons, group
classes and practice parties.